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Storm in the Swill-Trough?

As I write there appears suddenly to be a media embargo on swine flu, which is merciful. A week or so ago you could not turn on TV or radio without wall-to-wall comment.

What seems to have happened is a small and rather savage outbreak in Mexico of a disease normally confined to pigs, which has given rise to a severe epidemic of non-lethal human disease around that country and southern USA, and killed perhaps 120 people in Mexico. A few travellers returning from Mexico to various other countries have taken the disease with them, but none seem to have it severely. Person-to-person transmission is occurring in the UK, but slowly. 7 new cases were reported yesterday.

So far, this is almost exactly what we would wish to happen in such a case. In fact, it is not widespread enough! The virus may already have mutated during onward transmission from pigs, in just the same way technicians contrive deliberately in the laboratory when they are making vaccines. Sometimes such a mutation may become more dangerous but in this case (if this applies) it seems to be much less so. The mild infection percolates around the world, most probably in the winter months in each hemisphere, and ceases to figure as a threat within a year or two. Because infection takes its own natural route the protection obtained lasts a long time, even for life. For some reason vaccines, even live ones, administered by an artificial route such as injection, achieve only temporary protection (usually 10-20 years).

The only other possible explanation is that Mexican people are either less healthy in general or otherwise more predisposed to this particular virus. I have no direct experience, but cannot imagine that the difference in general health either side of the Rio Grande is so dramatic as that. It might even favour the Mexicans.

The only people with anything to lose from a successful trickledown of natural immunity are vaccine and antibiotic manufacturers. They are reliant on pandemic need (the “blockbuster” product) to make a good living, and have been having difficulty for at least a decade. So the initial official response to the news was “be very afraid”. But the afterthought was better: let’s refresh our personal hygiene practice. It matters that we don’t catch each other’s germs in large doses – let’s ensure that person-to-person leakage comes in tiny, manageable amounts. What do I advise?

1.      Your good diet and general health are your main protections – trust them, and your recent track record. If you usually resist colds well, you will probably resist other novelties just as well – either no disease, or mild disease. If at present your diet is upside down, sort that out as a matter of urgency. Extra vitamin C, cold liver oil and Zinc (see Cytoplan contact details in the heading) may be prudent, particularly as winter approaches. Beta Glucans (Cytoplan 3210-11) support general immunity.

2.      If you begin to cough or sneeze, keep out of company. Take ordinary care to cover your face with a decent handkerchief (whether paper or cotton) whenever you cough or sneeze, for any reason. At the very first intimation of rawness in your throat, take 5 propolis and repeat the dose every few hours. If you are offered other antibiotic treatment (e.g. Tamiflu) accept, but don’t go looking for it.

3.      If you must use public transport and people are coughing and spluttering routinely, take 2-3 propolis twice daily for preventative purposes. It is still the best general antibiotic I know and is entirely safe, but needs to be in place very early as it takes a little time to bite.

None of these precautions will stop altogether the spread of infection, but that is not their true function. Collectively they both limit the dose of infection you receive, and enhance your ability to deal with it decisively. That way it’s immunity that spreads, rather than disease – quite a different perspective.

We have plenty of propolis at the same price - £8.00 per 100 – if you wish to stock up.

No More Vaccinations

If you view the website, you will find a detailed explanation of why we are no longer giving vaccines. This service is registrable with the Care Quality Commission, who have suddenly noticed what we told them a year ago, that we changed last year from a Limited Company to a Partnership. They have summarily cancelled our registration and require us to re-register, warning us that we have been operating illegally and are liable for prosecution etc etc. We have given them a piece or our minds, since this would not have happened had their predecessor been on the ball; but we have no wish to go again through the tedious and costly procedure of registration. So we stopped with immediate effect last week.

We have already contacted everyone who is affected but if you are unclear where this change leaves your child, call us by all means. However there is absolutely no chance that we will make a new appointment for rubella for anyone, however good your case. Deposits paid long ago (2007 or before) and not taken up are now forfeit.

We shall shortly close the clinic at Manby and move its remaining business to Humberside Airport. We will let you know details as they unfold.