Rethink Health - October/November  2012

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Whooping, but Not for Joy

Early this month the Department of Health announced plans to revaccinate pregnant women against whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria and polio, in the hope of protecting the forthcoming baby from the first of these. There has been a considerable increase in cases of whooping cough this year, up four to five times on the previous year - though even at 5000 cases, that's a tiny number. You are unlikely to know anybody who has caught it. Still, nine babies under 8 weeks old are said to have died, hence this ingenious attempt to protect the very-newborn.

I'm not sure how much guesswork and hope is involved in this. The medical literature includes several studies, some ten years old, indicating that adult immunity to whooping cough drops off to almost nothing ten years after the last dose of vaccine. Even after suffering the disease, immunity does not appear to be life-long. This means that older family members can import the disease to a newborn baby, even if it is protected within a small circle of immediate family contacts. 

Vaccinating a woman during her pregnancy is not inherently safe, but catching whooping cough is clearly worse! Might not the solution be to revaccinate all immediate family members as part of a pre-conceptional service? No such thing yet exists, but that's a good reason for requesting one. Attention to all the necessary prerequisites of a healthy pregnancy, not just vaccine status, would greatly reduce the risk of malformation, premature birth and low birth weight as well as infection. It would put parents in the driving seat of pregnancy and on the initiative, where they belong.

However, the value of such a service has been plain for decades, so perhaps we cannot expect it soon. Instead, the only other safe recourse is to revaccinate all adults at ten-year intervals - much more expensive At least, we have to accept that vaccine protection is always temporary (with the exception of measles, which rarely attacks adults whether they were vaccinated or not).

Prospective parents are embarking on the greatest creative project of their lives. They have a great deal of choice in how they go about it. Most GPs will applaud a pro-active approach, and are likely to help. Revaccination against all relevant infectious diseases, well before conception is attempted, would be an obvious place to start. Most other items - diet, weight control, reducing alcohol and stopping smoking - are not up to the doctor in any case. With parents are doing most of the work,  doctors may see a "pre-conception clinic" as a trendy add-on at worst, and a 

cost/effort effective prevention at best.

Give it a try, and tell us how you get on.


I am delighted that Cytoplan has agreed after all to re-issue Replete, largely in response to please from a good number of you, directly or through me. They had regretfully ceased supplying the original stock because it went out of date before a minimum order could be retailed.

Replete was invented to prevent a gradual decline in your mineral reserves, due to the mineral deficit in modern food, even the best. Because crop protection chemicals have reduced the population of soil fungi, crops cannot get sufficient mineral for their own health - let alone ours.

We have agreed an improved formula which splits the minerals into one tablet, and the anti-oxidants into a capsule. The principle reason why the previous tablets expired early was the herbal content of the anti-oxidant ingredients. Separating them solves that problem.

One tablet - Replete 1, product code 5592 - now contains all the mineral you need daily to make up for the deficit in your food. It also includes the vitamins required for most efficient mineral assimilation. Every item is in food-state so all are 100% absorbed, and retained for many months.

One capsule - Replete 2, product code 5593 - offers the best and most potent natural antioxidant content we know about.  It will help you to purge pollutants, deter pre-cancerous changes and slow ageing processes. I see no upper limit to anti-oxidant requirements, given the chemicalised state of the world.

I have negotiated with Cytoplan to obtain for new customers an introductory supply at trade price - a 40% discount - plus postage. We would send it from here. With your first order comes a free copy of my new booklet "The State of Our Food", which explains why I regard Replete as so valuable for health.

The booklet is available separately for £2 to cover postage and packing.

Killer Work

A job is considered stressful if you have no control over pressures as they arise. Jobs like these raise the risk of a coronary by 23%. No surprise there, and one up for self-employment.

The research was a meta-analysis of 200,000 workers across Europe, undertaken at University College London. It may give flexitime more cred!

Work on this site has been slow, thanks to my other preoccupations, but all the essential text is now there, and most of the illustrations. The home page is being improved, but is still a bit clunky. The newsletters will be posted in November and in future you will get the link as well as the text each month.

Press Dates

Foremost preoccupation at the moment is a trip to Hong Kong for two weeks, followed immediately by stalking in Scotland. That's why this letter covers two months. Since we are off to Norway on 1st January and Houston later that month, the December letter will cover January as well.