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All the substance of our bodies is made up of minerals in the end and all of these are found in our surroundings — the air, the soil and our water supply. Here are your main essential components, listed according to the total weight of each that your body contains:
Gm Major Inorganic Gm Trace Inorganic Gm
Oxygen 43,000 CALCIUM 1,000 IRON 4.3
Carbon 16,000 Phosphorous 780 Zinc 2.4
Hydrogen 7,000 Sulphur 140 COPPER 0.07
Nitrogen 1,800 Potassium 140 Chromium 0.04
Sodium 100 IODINE 0.03
Chlorine 95 Manganese 0.03
Magnesium 19 Cobalt 0.02
Silicon 18 Selenium 0.01
Smaller traces of Germanium, Molybdenum and Nickel also seem essential for healthy life.  There are many more, including Fluorine, which are present but inessential to your body.  They arise from environmental contamination and you put up with them.
The three elements underlined are the basic chemicals used to fertilize soil in modern farming practice and the four elements in capitals are either officially supplemented in basic foodstuffs or over-abundant in water supplies. That leaves thirteen essential minerals that are left to look after themselves.
In practice agricultural soils are now commonly deficient in Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium, Manganese and Selenium. Plants never go short of Oxygen, Hydrogen or Carbon as they can get them from moisture or as gases in the atmosphere. But they cannot make up for deficiencies in these five metals and are bound to leave animals and people that eat them deficient as well.
The mineral composition of the sea is very different and you might expect that sea food would compensate for mineral deficiencies in foods grown on land. In practice the benefits are insufficient and many seafoods are now heavily contaminated with toxic metals that are dumped at sea. This means that whatever your diet consists of, mineral balance is not guaranteed unless all your food comes from well composted ’organic’ soils — something few people can manage these days.
Many people who are now vaguely unwell or inefficient, or who appear to be suffering from multiple allergies and intolerances or who seem unable to conceive turn out to be deficient in minerals essential for these functions. There are no adequate and recognised tests that can be done under the NHS to prove it, and private analysis of hair or blood is expensive. Medical dowsing may cost less, but you should choose your dowser carefully if you mean to act only on his results.
What to do
1. If you are well, vine fruits (raisins especially) and Honey Cider Vinegar and Egg Nog recipes are the cost-effective ways to top up and balance the mineral content of your diet. Get used to having one or other regularly and eat the skins of vegetables, fruits and fish wherever you can — that’s where the minerals are.
2. Muscle cramps are an early sign of mineral imbalance that usually responds very nicely to a mineral supplement. Tablets of Kelp (an edible seaweed) may be sufficient, but do not continue taking more than one daily after the first few weeks: the iodine content is too high, and may put your thyroid gland in over-drive. If one Kelp tablet daily is insufficient to control your symptoms, change to Multimineral (see next).
3. Any other more serious or debilitating condition deserves proper correction.  There are few that really work well: one preparation that really works well and that we recommend is — Multimineral, manufactured by NDS. Beware of cheap alternatives and even some expensive ones — there is no guarantee that their impressive list of mineral contents will actually get into your body. Two daily of the NDS product will be efficiently absorbed and provide 50% of your daily needs of all its contents. Within about six months you will have corrected all those deficiencies that are within your bodies scope and should experience a very satisfactory improvement in your health.
4. If you are still suffering, you should consult a naturopath or holistic doctor to explore what more profound deficiencies or needs you have. These may need detailed correction in high potency: do not attempt this yourself.

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