Since 1979 Dr Peter Mansfield's main mission in life has been to devise a way in which people of ordinary means could foster their health without having to wait until they become ill. His general practice in East London and then Lincolnshire proved that a service for health is very different from one against disease. With help from local professional friends he worked out the elements of a service and by 1980 was ready to experiment with it. By 1996 he was ready to retire early form medical practice and devote himself to "Good HealthKeeping". Our experience was distilled into a graduated membership package through which most people will be able to regain most of their health and independence within about two years. By that stage members qualified for substantial loyalty bonuses for continuing membership, making ours far the most economical way, that we have ever heard of, to uphold your health and fend off preventable illness.
Here is how we used to set about this, prior to Dr Mansfield’s semi-retirement:-

Basic Mission



Our membership scheme looked complicated because we allowed you to "mix and match" - cater for the individual preferences and circumstances of every member of your household. Each of you was allowed to progress through stages towards health at the pace that suited you. For many people there was a hill to climb over a period of a year or two, calling for more intensive effort, to reclaim the health of which you were capable. But otherwise, the more effort you were prepared to put in, the less you had to pay to keep healthy.
It would over-simplify our approach, but you could think of it as "intelligent supplementation". The "intelligent" approach meant we can provide you with all you needed for health at less than the High Street price of just the product we supplied! We think that was really beginning to look like a proper health service, and within a very few months we think you will have agreed.
You could, if you wished, join at our basic "Rethink" rate for the first year, to get a feel of us, but we asked you in that case to pay for the whole year when you joined. Any other form of membership - Replenish or Replete - you paid for monthly by credit card from the start. We were happy to arrange monthly terms for Rethink in your second and subsequent years of membership. There were also loyalty discounts, which started to reduce substantially the maximum basic family membership fee after two years, provided you remained continuously in membership.
It comes hard at first to have to pay for anything connected with health. But a truly independent service that keeps you well, is a highly refreshing experience that people quickly valued.


In September 2006 we simplified this service as an act of semi-retirement. We expect the following arrangements to carry on indefinitely:

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