Saville Turner

This site is the mouthpiece of Saville Turner Holistic Trust whose Director is Dr Peter Mansfield.

Its purpose is to assist you to lead your own life confidently and competently with only the minimum essential help from doctors or the NHS. When you have digested everything on this site of interest to you, you should understand better than most people what health is, and where it can take you.

The site supersedes, now deleted, and carries all the library information formerly published there. In time we intend to post here some of the more salient news items originally published on that site.

In addition it carries a new book by Dr Mansfield giving his insights about health, drawn from a lifetime of study, thinking and practice. He has no plans to publish this book in any other form. The book, "Common Sense About Health", supersedes a previous book of the same name published privately in the 1980s, and long out of print. It is work in progress but the first section and parts of the second are already available on this site. They may be freely downloaded, copied and shared but we advise that you attribute it clearly. Most of the statements made are Dr Mansfield's personal view and would not be shared by many other doctors. But then, not many doctors have given health any serious thought.

The work of the Trust in Lincolnshire is also featured here, and until it can be incorporated into this site I draw your attention to our other site here which details this.


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