How do I apply?

Here’s how it works.
• You can discuss with our medical adviser, Dr Peter Mansfield, which therapy would be most appropriate alongside other treatment you may be receiving. 

• Call 0845 644 3485 at any reasonable hour or email us

• Or you can approach a practitioner yourself directly to see how they can help you. They need to be registered with us, and will probably have a special rate of charge for helping you complete an application form. You will need to pay that charge yourself.

• You will need to consult the therapist of your choice once, at your own expense, to establish what treatment course will be required. 

• You then apply to us for funding. You will need to give brief details only of your disposable income. You and the therapist must sign giving both your approvals to the course proposed, and you must be willing to tell us afterwards how the treatment affected you. You send your application to us by post.
• You and the therapist will receive a speedy decision from us on your application, and can begin treatment once you have this.
• We will settle the therapists invoices monthly in arrears on your behalf.
• We ask you to write to us on completion of the course, giving feedback of your experience. This will not be disclosed but will help us advise future applicants more appropriately. No application for a second or subsequent grant will be considered without feedback on any previous course of treatment we have funded.

We also have an Organic Vegetables Prescription Scheme. You need your GP or therapist to countersign your application, on the form below, for a 50% grant towards the cost of a weekly organic box for six weeks.

With or without a prescription you can continue to receive vegetable boxes at a 25% discount for 12 weeks if you feel you cannot otherwise afford it. THIS SCHEME DOES NOT NEED A PRESCRIPTION - simply download and complete the form below and apply directly for assistance.

Here’s what we will not do:

• Pay for treatment we have not agreed as above in advance.
• Pay all your treatment bills. You will be expected to arrange your therapist at your own expense, and contribute modestly to treatment fees, according to your means. 

• Approve grants for treatment from therapists who are not registered with us.

• Deal directly with vulnerable people. (We will deal only with the legal guardian of a minor, or the recognised carer of a vulnerable adult.)

• Approve automatically more than one treatment course. New applicants will take precedence over second or subsequent applications.
• Exclude residents from nearby areas, but preference goes to residents of Boston, Spalding, Holbeach, Bourne and the countryside in between.
• Disclose what you tell us, or your treatment history, to any third party. Your data is protected under the Data Protection Act. We recommend, however, that you authorise your therapist to report progress to your NHS GP. 

What’s next?

Talk to us if necessary, particularly about a possible group activity 

Discuss possibilities with an appropriate therapist 

Apply for funding (download application form

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