A new funding opportunity...

Are you a therapist who may be able to accept patients under the terms of the new Saville Turner Holistic Trust grant-aid scheme?

Under this scheme, residents of southern Lincolnshire (preferentially from postcodes PE12-14 and 20-22) will be assisted substantially to cover the costs of private holistic therapy, that is not available to them otherwise and that safely complements their NHS treatment, and which they would not have been able to afford on any other terms. This could include group sessions, e.g. yoga or art therapy.

The terms of the Will that the Trust was established to fulfil, require that therapists with whom we deal should be in good standing with their academic and registration bodies, and be expert and experienced in the holistic therapies which they practise.

If you would like us to include you on our register of suitable practitioners, please download and  complete the registration form and mail it back to us. The register will not be a public document and we will not disclose your presence on it except for personal recommendation to potential patients. They will need to consult you at their own expense to establish if you can help them and how, at which point you will need to endorse their application to us for a grant.

You may wish to set an economical fee for the initial consultation with you, outside your existing scale, since it can be relatively short and no treatment would be given during it. This needs to be affordable for potential grant-winners with considerably less resources than the clients who attend you now. It would be helpful to notify us what that fee will be, to pre-warn potential clients. You should not delay your reply to include this: please notify us when you have had time to consider what fee to set.

If you have any queries about this new scheme please contact our medical adviser and chairman, Dr Mansfield, who is available personally on 0845 644 3485 (local rate).

Download the registration form


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