The Saville Turner Holistic Trust grant-aid scheme

Saville Turner Holistic Trust is a Registered Charity, which provides residents of South Lincolnshire with grants towards the cost of holistic therapy. 

We benefit from the will of a deceased Holbeach resident, who wanted to establish a Holistic Therapy Centre in Boston, Bourne, Holbeach or Spalding. We were advised against this by the Charities Commission and instead make grants towards treatment at existing centres. We may also subsidise the supply of organic vegetables. And we make occasional larger grants towards schemes which in our view enhance the health of people in or near South Lincolnshire.

Under this scheme, residents of southern Lincolnshire (preferentially from postcodes PE12-14 and 20-22) will be assisted substantially to cover the costs of private holistic therapy, that is not available to them otherwise and that safely complements their NHS treatment, and which they would not have been able to afford on any other terms. This could include group sessions, e.g. yoga or art therapy.

If you have any queries about this new scheme please contact our medical adviser and chairman, Dr Mansfield, who is available personally on 0845 644 3485 (local rate).



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